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2015-08-27, 23:33
Boot Jack is in a league of their own...If you don't believe me then you haven't tried it.
Jack Toncich
2014-10-22, 15:26
OMG this shit is goooood!!!!!!!! GET JACKED BABY!
2014-07-14, 19:17
Keeps us going between launches.. Great for traveling light and fast here in Colombia. It's our first choice. Can't wait to try the Beef Sticks!
2014-05-26, 01:07
some of the best jerky I have ever had. Definitely one to recommend! Thank you!
2014-05-14, 14:49
Ran into Boot Jack down range in A-Stan, Picked up a bag of Spicy Smoked Beef Jerky off Boot Jack. First thing I thought was Dammmm this is actually tastes like real jerky! I would put Boot Jack Jerky up against the big house hold brands any day of the week! Actually tastes what real beef jerky is suppose to taste like and not that cardboard cheap jerky. Love the spiciness and flavor and fullness of the jerky. I highly recommend "Getting Jacked" and enjoy the real.....

AMERICAN MADE - Enough Said!
2012-10-19, 06:51
Great Jerky BootJack! I ordered the first 5 bags thinking that would last thru the rest of my deployment ( 30 days ) it lasted about 5 days instead so I ordered some more. This stuff is very good and addictive best of luck to you.
2012-10-08, 22:44
just placed my first order and looking forward to some spicy beef jerky, just like mom used to make.
2012-09-22, 16:09
Half poung bag.... Just my size!!!! LOVE THIS JERKY!
Jim K
2012-09-13, 11:13
Just recieved my jerkey, AWSOME ! Fast shipping. Good job Bootjack!
Leslie March
2012-09-02, 12:33
An A+ on prompt service. I placed an order and it arrived in just 2 days. I live in WV. Need to place another one cuz we are already down to one bag!
2012-09-02, 09:30
Free APO Shipping no hiden costs what a Great Deal.
I met Boot Jack working Out at the Dragon Village Gym In Afghanistan.
Nice guy what an Animal saw him bench 345 pounds 3 times. Boot Jack Jerky tastes great a perfect after workout snack lots of protein
Get Jacked. Way to go Boot
2012-09-02, 01:00
The best Jerky I've ever had! Can't wait for my order to show up here in Afghanistan!!!
2012-08-24, 10:44
Just recieved my order, Great stuff. Good flavor. I will be purchasing more for deer season.
2012-08-22, 16:52
Great smokehouse flavor! This jerky is addictive. Each trip to Ridgway, I will fill up my truck with jerky.
2012-08-21, 18:12
has the perfect mix of spice and smoke
Julie Lavell Reisdorf
2012-08-16, 14:10
love the jerky!

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